Zaman Group found in 1982, with simple aim to provide the highest standard of service and products in printing to maintain customer satisfaction at a cost effective price.

In today's fast moving global environment, companies have to respond to their client's needs in an increasing value added capacity. At Zaman we don't just put ink to paper, we take your ideas, and look for ways to make you unique and stand out from the crowd.

Our dedicated design department will skillfully create the look, feel and texture that is perfect for your project. Our excellence in service and product quality comes from our ability to meet all your expectation; always on time as promised, on budget and always with outstanding quality. No one likes surprises so we anticipate all problems to avoid costly mistakes. We also work with our customers hand in hand through the process, which builds a trusting and confident relationship. To ensure an efficient production process, we have implemented tough quality control systems that provide alerts whenever there is a problem. This process includes systems that monitor the entire life cycle of a print job that provides indications for appropriate intervention if required.

Our Team

Zaman Printing Press is committed to continuous research and investment in the latest technology to ensure that we remain competitive in a rapidly changing global market. Our workforce is one of our most valuable assets as they are people that pride themselves in every task they perform. Our staff makes a real difference for the results that we produce, and as a company we appreciate the fact that the majority of staff members have grown with the company as it has evolved through the years. The company believes in investing in our human resources through extensive training and development with the goal of creating the best teamwork, expertise and professionalism to meet all the requirements for our customers. We enjoy transforming your vision into the final product, and have the experience and repertoire of tools to make it happen. More importantly, our team has not just the skills, but also the attitude and enthusiasm to bring out the best product.